Koh Samui : Cocktails, Secret Beaches and Villa Life

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Okay so I'm actually only starting to write these posts up on Thailand now I'm home, and I've actually been home now for well over a month. Apologies to anyone following my blog! As anyone who has been travelling knows, coming home is a HUGE shock to the system, and I'm actually considering doing an entire post focusing on 'Post Travelling Blues'. Anywho, you didn't click on this post for a lengthy explanation as to 'what the frig have you been doing this past month' you've clicked cos you want the 411 on the Thai honeymoon island that is, Koh Samui. ALAS! I shall begin.

Before heading to the islands you may be aware that myself and Craig were now joined by our lovely friends Ally and Beth - yippee. After a very emotional/excitable greeting at Bangkok Airport we proceeded on our journey back to our hostel to get a well earned sleep in preparation for a very early start the next day. Our hostel, Siameze was fab but v far out of town, which made us somewhat nervous about our early morning commute, and sadly the hostel staff weren't very helpful at organising us a taxi. They actually recommended we use the app 'Grab Taxi' which in their defence was AMAZING and I highly recommend it if you're travelling in Thailand. We left Siameze at around 5am to get our 10 hour bus from Bangkok to the ferry port, where we would later embark on a 3 hour ferry ride to Samui. I have to commend the travel company 'Lomprayah' they were brilliant! So organised and efficient for Thailand. However I will say, pack snacks!

After a long, sleepy journey we finally made it to the island, enjoying some popping views of the other islands on the way. Sadly on the islands its more difficult to barter down prices, than it is on the mainland - I feel like the main reason for this is less competition. Nethertheless we grabbed a taxi and found our villa - which was perfect! Private pool, amazing air-con and big comfy beds - PLUS it was only a short walk to arguable the best beach on the entire island. Knackered from our full on journey, and with the girls suffering from obvious jet-lag we opted for a chilled night of good food at a local restaurant 'Feel Travel', which actually became a strong favourite - I highly recommend the masaman curry!

The next day, after a glorious lay-in we were up and ready to explore our new surroundings! We firstly went and gathered supplies for breaky - this consisted of loads of banana bread and a tone of tropical fruit. Breakfast was followed by a morning sunbath and a quick dip in the pool - which was bliss. We then made our way to our local beach, which was luckily voted the best beach on the island - and my word they got it spot on. Unspoilt and deserted, Baan Tai beach was everything you could want from a Thai beach. After strolling down the sand we eventually stumbled upon a little beach bar/restaurant that had some sun-beds to rent. We decided to order some cocktails there and make the most of the glorious sunshine! If you ever visit Koh Samui be sure to check out Baan Tai beach - its stunning and do make sure you shop around for your sun-beds, as some places (like the one we visited) let you have the beds for free if you buy drinks. We also made friends with a very cute local...

That night we ventured into the party area of Samui and met up with some pals we met during our adventures in Oz - which was fab! It was this night that myself and Craig experienced our first ever bucket AND me and the girls decided to skinny dip on a not so secluded beach (might of had a bucket too many). After a few more buckets, some reckless booty-shaking and a rather damp cab ride home, we had one last skinny dip (this time in our own pool - thank god) before heading off to bed.

The next morning, as you can imagine was spent reliving the night, complaining how hungover we were and watching Love Island - basic I know. After consuming whatever banana bread we had left we decided to venture out for a dirty burger to suppress our hangover cravings. Beth found 'Homemade Burgers' a cute little burger place just a short walk from the villa - and it was DE-LISH. Highly recommend for a cheap and cheerful burger fix, and the veggie option was great.

Our third and final day on the island consisted of more beach side sunning, unfortunately this time with less sun. As Samui got decidedly more rainy, we only had a short stay at the beach and enjoyed a weirdly pink pad thai, at a beachside cafe before heading back to the villa to take refuge from the storm. Thankfully the storm passed and we were able to head back to our fav restaurant 'Feel Travel' for our last night on the island.

For anyone planning a trip to Thailand, I know the choice between all the different islands to see can sometimes be daunting - so at the end of each of these Thai island posts I'm going to a write up a little summery of the island and hopefully it will help on your decision making! Koh Samui is the island for you if you enjoy relaxing, beautiful rustic beaches, a separation between villa life and party time, sipping cocktails by the sea, uncrowded island life and a honeymoon-esque style of travel. Be warned however of the expensive tourist prices, the long taxi rides to attractions and the general quietness of the island. I would 100% return to Koh Samui and believe its the perfect island for couples, families and groups of friends - wouldn't recommend as much for solo travellers!

Elly x

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