Cosy Cafes and an Unforgetable History Lesson

Sunday, 2 July 2017

After a very sweaty stay in Hoi An it was to mine and Craig's relief that our next stop was going to be somewhat cooler in temperature. Way up in the mountains Da Lat is a favourite amongst backpackers for its super cheap accommodation and canyoning. Unfortunately for us we had started to dramatically run out of money and therefore had to sacrifice some trips we once had planned to do (canyoning being one of them). True to the rumours Da Lat was so much colder that Hoi An (around 22-28 degrees) and although back in England those temperature would send myself and Craig down to Camber Sands, those temperatures for us now, since being in hot countries for up to 6 months meant leggings and sweatshirts - it was bliss! For me personally Da Lat didn't have too much going for it. Our hostel 'Lucky's' was really cute and Lucky was so friendly and helpful, providing us with breakfast every morning. Plus he had two of the loveliest doggies ever that he thankfully saved from the cruel dog meat trade - what a guy!

We also found a couple of really cool places to eat. A cheap and cheerful veggie restaurant called Hoa Sen that had the best veggie ban mi we had and a really sweet little cafe with a cosy vibe called Goût that had good coffee and the best chocolate brownie - we took refuge there a few times when it was raining. Apart from that Da Lat is fairly low key and not a lot seems to go on.

Onto our last stop, Saigon. As Vietnamese cities go I defiantly preferred Saigon to Hanoi. It felt a lot more chilled and all in all had a better feel about it. We stayed at 'Budget Hostel' which was cheap, clean and in a great location. Our main point of visiting Saigon was the famous War Museum. We heard great, if not extremely sad, reviews and felt it was only right to learn more about the countries history. The museum itself is well laid out easy to walk around, it takes about 2 hours in total. However it was very harrowing and upsetting to see and learn of the atrocities that went on. Although you could argue that the museum was some what biased towards Vietnam, there was no denying that America were extremely cruel to millions of innocent civilians. The worst part for me was learn about agent orange, a harmful gas used to cause horrendous abnormalities and disabilities - I will never forget some of the images I saw of these poor people. It was a very sad day, but well worth a visit when you're in the city.

Our go to food place was 'The Royal Saigon'. Close to our hostel and very good value for money, this place should not be missed. We loved the veggie curry and the veggie pho!

Not the most exciting places we've visited on our trip, but worth a visit nonetheless. Next up Cambodia...

Elly x

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