My Bali Birthday

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Rung out from Gili and after a very long boat ride followed by an even longer taxi journey we made it to Canguu, one of my favourite places in Bali! Surfing, cool bars, beaut beaches - Canguu is a great place to chill with friends. Unfortunately we had a bad hostel experience with them accidentally splitting us all up into different rooms when we had clearly requested to all be together in one room, that and the fact we weren't actually allowed to take our rucksacks into the dorms.

After a rather horrific arrival at our below average hostel (Summer House) we did what the dunks did best - drown our sorrows at the bar! After getting rather jolly on just one rather strong Long Island iced tea we headed to the first destination of the night 'Pretty Poison' a super cool club come skatepark. Sadly we went fairly late into the night and it was starting to close so we only managed to have a couple of beers but sitting round watching the skaters was awesome! From then we split up into two groups - Craig, James and Lewis went to a club on the beach front whilst myself, Renni, Josh, Josh, Jaz and Alice all opted for chilling on the beach, with a crate of bintangs and some of our own tunes (mainly Johnny Cash - curtsy of the Josh's). After chatting and singing for most of the night (losing a few of the crew along the way) myself and the Josh's stayed up to whiteness the other boys drunkenly stumble across the beach to us in the early hours of the morning - it was like a bad scene out of the inbetweeners. The the rest of the night consisted of belting our hearts out to Jamie T, watching James and Craig sleep at the table and keeping Lewis from passing out and falling off the bench.

The following day I was nursing a tragic hangover and thankfully me and Craig snuck off to our luxury villa for my 23rd birthday treat - the perfect place to recover. The villa was beautiful - traditional in style, set amongst lush tropical gardens, with our own pool, huge bedroom, outdoor shower, kitchen and lounge with a mighty plasma TV and sound system! The first day as King and Queen was spent relaxing, napping and enjoying a little bit of luxury after the mad few weeks travelling round Bali.

That night we enjoyed one of my favourite meals of our entire trip at the amazing Dandelion Cafe - famous for its bunny rabbits that hop around the restaurant as you eat. The interior was stunning - classic Balinese outdoor living with delicious Balinese food with a quirky western twist. It was a wonderful romantic setting and treat on my birthday eve.

The morning of my birthday was so relaxing. Craig surprised me with a cute little wave ring he found at a little boutique next to Dandelion Cafe and I sat and opened loads of cards from back home (thanks guys). We then got served an incredible breakfast of banana pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit and coffee at out villa before enjoying traditional Balinese massages - although I did hear a few cries of help from Craig we both really enjoyed having our backs cracked and toes pulled after all the walking and carrying of our heavy rucksacks! After our morning of relaxing we got ready and headed to Old Man's (our old fav cafe) for a yummy lunch and many cocktails/beers.

We then headed to my choice of beach club - Finns to celebrate my birthday but to also bid fair well to the dunks. Finns is in a great location - right on the beach where you can watch the surfers smash the waves. Just like Potato Head, the sunset was stunning. However although the cocktails were good, they weren't as good as PH - with that said the general vibe and music at Finns I felt was younger and better.

After numerous drinks, pool dancing, a quick beach photoshoot mark two we all headed back to mine and Craig's villa to continue 'the sesh' and order pizza. It was a lovely emosh ending to our trip all chilling together. After some napping and chatting the group departed from us in the early hours of the morning.

I'd like to end this post by saying a HUGE thank you to Jaz, Alice, Renni, Josh E, Josh H, James and Lewis for coming to see us in Bali and for making our trip even more special. So many beers, laughs, dmcs, in jokes, unforgettable experiences and all in all the best time with the best group of peeps. Enough with the slushy stuff - here's some pictures of our best moments...

Elly x

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