Gili par'T'y

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

It's almost unheard of for a backpacker to go to Bali and not end up at the Gili islands, renowned for partying, snorkelling and generally being backpacking heaven. We of course stayed on Gili T, in an amazing hostel called Broken Compass that had a cute little pool, great bar serving yummy food and reasonably priced drinks, airconed rooms, located just a few minutes walk from the beach and all the bars and clubs.

Our plan for the Gili's was basically to party... Tired and sweaty from the 3 hour journey we instantly all just wanted to jump in the pool and grab a cold beer. Which is exactly what we all did. As the night progressed we ended up heading out to our, soon to be local, Jiggy's. The night was put on hold when we mysteriously lost Josh H and Craig, after myself, Josh E and Jaz scouted the entire island for them we were finally reunited back at the club where we drunk and danced all night on the beach - some of us partaking in some spontaneous night time beach skinny dipping. An eventful night for the dunks.

Hungover and sleepy the following day we headed to the beach to sunbath and have a swim. With our new buddy and our new role model... Giles! That evening, as you may of guessed, the sesh continued...

The following day we took it upon ourselves to explore the other islands and do some snorkelling. Although it was a really tragic start (very disorganised, over crowded boat, long waiting time) when we eventually set off the trip was really good. We stopped at three snorkel spots and we're lucky enough to swim with turtles and see loads of great fishys! The funniest part of the trip was defiantly when we nearly lost Josh H, leaving him snorkelling in the sea whilst the boat took off for the next destination... Luckily as a group we alerted the crew and found him bobbing about. The dunks never leave a man behind. We stopped at Gili Air during the trip to have some lunch, the food was unfortunately pants but the island itself seemed lovely and tranquil in comparison to Gili T.

Our last night consisted of more drinking and partying - including a trivia night at the hostel - boys V girls. Sadly the boys beat us, coming second in the entire comp, congrats boys. Having said that us girls still didn't do too bad and managed to beat Giles hands down... Soz Giles.

Although Gili was tones of fun, I wouldn't recommend visiting unless you want to party, as the island itself isn't as beautiful and untouched as Nusa Penida and there really isn't too much to do except, snorkel and party. Having said that if you visit Bali with friends then I 100% recommend a couple of nights to let your hair down.

Elly x

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