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Monday, 8 May 2017

Since travelling Indonesia and south east Asia I have been shocked at how littered our beaches and oceans are. When swimming with manta rays in Bali, I waded through a few plastic bags floating just metres away from these beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart seeing what we as humans are doing to our blue planet and the amazing creatures that inhabit it.

Concerned, I watched a great documentary on Netflix called 'Plastic Ocean' explaining the implications of our actions and what plastic is doing to our world.

I don't normally babble on like this getting all preachy, however this is something I feel so strongly about and believe every single one of us can make a small change.

When you next go to the supermarket think about all those carrier bags you are using - could you use hessian reusable ones instead? What about that straw in your cocktail - do you need it? Do you buy plastic water bottles? If so, could you not buy one decent one and just refill it? These are all small things that I know we are all guilty of, but it's the small steps that make way for an even bigger change. I know I will certainly be making a bigger effort!

I hope that someday the ocean is free from toxic plastic and marine life stop dying due to our cruel carelessness - but until that day do what you can, educate those around you and clean up after yourself at the beach!

If like me you are concerned and want to find out more, I will leave a link below to the documentary 'Plastic Ocean'...

Also check out
An amazing organisation adding a glamorous/luxury spin on such a pivotal issue and providing us with super snazzy alternative environmentally friendly products.


Check out “A Plastic Ocean” on Netflix

Elly x

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