Monkeying about, 2am hiking, swimming in waterfalls and exploring rice terraces

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

From our luxury pad we ventured to Bali's culture capital - Ubud! We stayed in a cute little hostel close to the centre of town called Joker which was clean, chilled and perfect for what we needed it for.

We didn't hang about chilling in Ubud though as there is so much to see and do! The first thing we did was visit the notorious Monkey Forest. Although the Monkey Forest has some pretty impressive temples, lets be honest everyone visits for the same reason... the monkeys. Now after mine and Craig's terrifying Uluwatu monkey experience I was a little wary of said monkeys and did my best to keep my distance - some of us though did quite the opposite. Alice even bought a block of cheese to try and entice them...

That night we went out to drink some more beertang, bust some questionable dance moves to Prince and have some rowdy singalongs in a quiet romantic bar... Oops.

The following day was a busy one! We started the day visiting the beautiful Tegenungan waterfall which to my delight you could swim in! The water was so cold and refreshing in the heat - but the swimming was made a little tricky due to the strong rapids, washing most of the group into the forbidden danger zone, after getting told off by a very cross Indonesian man we headed off to get a few pictures at the top before heading onto our next destination Tegalalang rice terraces.

Ever since I knew I was coming to Bali Tegalalang rice terraces were high on my list. They lived up to my expectations, incredible lush green snake like patterns weaving in and out of one another - although it was fun to walk through, it was even more amazing to stand back and look at them. It's defiantly something you should go and see if you ever visit Bali. Just be warned by the crazy Balinese man on the door trying to re-charge you to enter (he was drunk and scary).

That night we all had extremely early nights - not because we were too delicate from the night before but because we would be waking up at 1:30am to be picked up at 2am to climb the famous Mt Batuur for sunrise. Sleepy and delirious we all piled into the minivan, stopping off at an extremely pointless place for breakfast (gross grainy coffee and weird stodgy pancakes) - we then ventured on to start the climb. Feeling like a bunch of disorientated mountain goats we climbed up the rocky, steep mountain face clinging onto torches for light and each other for support. Although challenging at 2am it was well worth it for the stunning views and the best sunrise I have EVER witnessed. The way down however was hell! Especially with my still slightly gammy leg. Thank god for our guide Rapido, who held my hand the entire way down (sorry Craig but he's my boyfriend now).

When we got back we all had a well earned nap before Renni, Alice, Jaz and myself ventured out for a girly shopping expedition and lunch away from the beertang guzzling boys. We had great fun bartering with the locals and I have to say the girls drive a hard bargain!

So that's pretty much it from Ubud - not a lot of 'eat pray love' I must admit but we had a fab time exploring!

Elly x

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