Living like kings in Seminyak

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

As you might have read in my last post we headed to Seminyak from Ubud to meet with more pals from back home who had come to share our Bali shenanigans. When planning Bali we all thought it would be a great idea to seize the opportunity to book up a luxury villa to stay in whilst we were there - as in comparison to Europe luxury villas in Bali are as cheap as chips (literally I have had more expensive chips). So for roughly £22 a night each we had our own humungous villa, with a private pool, outdoor lounge, kitchen, dining area, a massive private double room between two with ensuite bathrooms complete with a bath and his and her sinks (in mine and Craig's case). It was stunning!

As you can imagine every night consisted of drinking copious amount of 'beertang' and larking around in the pool (mainly avoiding being dunked by Craig's alter ego 'uncle dunk' (hence the dunk family). With this said, we did end up doing more in Seminyak than just drinking beer around the pool (although pictures suggest otherwise). In this post I will ramble on about what we got up to during our first few days all together in Bali...

My first surfing injury...
After a very heavy night out in Kuta (see Crazy Kuta post) we took it upon ourselves to freshen up the following day by heading out to the surf! We decided on Canguu beach as we wanted to show the gang Old Man's cafe as well. The surfing at Canguu was fab, a nice beach break with great frothy beginner waves breaking far out for those a little more experienced. We had such a laugh watching everyone attempting to get on the waves. James was particularly entertaining - surfing after about 5 beers - top efforts! After having probably one of my most successful surfs I decided to make my next wave my last, heading to the beach on a wave a went to come off when a surge from another wave came underneath my board and pushed my leg up into an uncomfortable splits position. The pain was so intense I was actually expecting to look down and see a bone sticking out of my leg. As I hobbled to the beach, Jaz came running to my rescue, carrying my board and helping me. Luckily Renni (doctor in the making) was with us and gave me a once over - we came to the conclusion I had probably sprained my hip flexor. It was excruciating - I don't recommend it! Luckily by this time everyone was surfed out, battered bruised, and in my case limping with Renni and Alice as my human crutches, we walked up from the beach to Old Mans to enjoy to food n drinks.

Thankfully that night we made the sensible decision and stayed at the villa, ordering pizza and watching a very burnt and drunk James die in the corner. Bali defiantly hit him hard. I then opted for an early night and a well needed rest for my leg as the following day we had LOADS planned!

Waterbomb + Potato Head
So this day was probably one of my favs from travelling so far! Early in the morning we all bundled into our new bessie mates car (Putu the taxi man) and with DJ Goodey supplying the tunes we headed to Waterbomb - the second best water park in the world! Although I was a tad useless (due to my dodgy leg) I still managed to hobble around and go on some of the slides and even managed to get stuck on the lazy river with Renni for about 45 minutes were the rest of the group made it clear to us we weren't that important - abandoning us for more thrill seeking. Cheers guys! All in all an amazing day out - a little more on the pricey side of things for Bali tourist attractions but well worth it if like us you're in a big group or a family.

After Waterbomb we headed back to the villa for a quick change into our glad-rags as that evening we would be heading to the famous beach club Potato Head to watch the sunset and drink cocktails - yay!

Potato Head was everything you could want from a beach club, stunning views, great pool area, quirky cocktails and a laid back pool party vibe!

Us gals even managed to get in a sunset beach photoshoot #bitchin

When we were all cocktailed out we decided to head out for food - we decided against eating at Potato Head as it was a little out of budget! However we managed to find a little restaurant not to far selling reasonable priced food and more importantly alcoholic beverages. They even let us play our own music - que DJ Goodey and Saturday Night. Instead of going out out we headed back to the villa to continue the sesh - were I'm pretty sure all the boys decided they would go for a naked dip in the pool - here I learnt naked pool handstands were a thing... I'd never seen Jaz swim so fast out the pool. Gradually more and more people went to bed and bailed on the sesh - but the hardcore members of the group, Jaz, Josh, Josh, a very sleepy James and myself stayed up to have DMC's and some unique, artisanal cocktails made by myself and Josh to end the night.

The next morning we said a very sad goodbye to our slice of paradise before moving onto Ubud to start the backpacking...

Elly x

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