Crazy Kuta

Sunday, 14 May 2017

From Cairns we embarked on our next adventure, the paradise island, Bali. Flying into Kuta in the early hours of the morning was an experience in itself, with about 100 taxi drivers bombarding us to pick them to take us to our hostel for a 'bloody good price' may I add. In the end we picked a guy and got classically ripped off spending probably double the amount we should have on getting to our digs. We stayed at Warung Coco, a wonderful little home stay between Kuta town and the airport, costing just £6 a night for a big private double, with aircon and an ensuite we literally felt spoilt coming from sweaty Australian dorms. The pool area at Warung Coco was the best part for me, big and clean adorned with comfy sun loungers both in the sun and shade - I highly recommend a stay there whilst in Kuta. Especially if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta town yet wish to remain close to all the amenities it has to offer.

Upon arrival in Kuta we discovered there was going to be a religious holiday/ celebration over the next couple of days called Nyepi - I would describe it as a Balinese New Year. The night before Nyepi day the streets of Kuta were filled with people dressed to the nines in traditional Balinese clothing, they looked amazing! Throughout the evening huge, terrifying floats made from papermachè were being paraded down the street. The floats represented evil spirits being chased away by different Hindu gods. We felt super lucky to be able to experience the celebration and be apart of a very old tradition! The following day (Nyepi day) also known as silent day, was literally that... Silent! A bit like New Year's Day nowhere is open and we were told not to leave our hostel. We took advantage of silent day and chilled and sunbathed by the pool, then at 7pm all the lights have to go out and everyone has to be silent as a mark of respect, so off to bed we went.

As for Kuta itself it's crazy (hence the name of the post). I don't recommend staying in Kuta for too long as after a while it gets a little annoying being dragged into EVERY cheap tat store and having taxis slow down and beep at you every 5 mins. With that said it's definitely somewhere I believe you should see and you can grab some great little nicknacks and souvenirs from the little shops. Plus there're some great little cafes: Legian 27, California and memorial cafe To name a few selling yummy smoothie bowls and fab iced coffee. I also highly recommend Poppies restaurant - traditional in Balinese food and style - you literally eat in what feels like a tropical jungle and the food is sooo delicious! It's situated on Poppies street, one of the oldest streets in Bali!

Our experience of Kuta was loads of fun. However we didn't hang about too long as knew we'd be heading back in a weeks time to meet up with Jaz and Alice (my lovely buddies from home who came to see us)! We headed to laid back Uluwatu to do some surfing in the meantime (see next post).

For Kuta mark two we booked a little 4 bed dorm in Legian (Kuta main town) in a hostel called Kayun Downtown. The hostel was perfect for our time in Kuta with the girls as it was a great location, making sightseeing incredibly easy for the short time they had there. The night before meeting them I hardly slept as I was super excited and the next night we went and surprised them at the airport which was an emotional affair! Our time with them in Kuta consisted of more shopping, teaching the girls some surfing at Kuta beach and of course another trip to Poppies.

Mine and Craig's last and final experience of Kuta was a night out with the entire Bali gang during our first nights stay in our luxury villa. I can confirm that a Kuta night out is a little mad - be prepared for strong questionable cocktails, podium dancing and being dragged into tones of different clubs and bars in the end you have no idea where you are - all in all a good experience.

I will finish this post by saying Kuta is defiantly not 'Instagram Bali' by any means, the beach is filthy and littered, it hasn't quite got that lush tropical vibe and if you don't get run over by a scooter it's a miracle HOWEVER I urge you to spend at least one night experiencing all the crazy before swanning off to the Gilis or your luxury playboy mansion pad!

Elly X

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