Brb just cruising around an island in a 4X4

Saturday, 6 May 2017

After a short and disappointing stop in Brisbane (grotty hostel with some interesting characters) we moved on to Rainbow beach to start an adventure I will never forget - 4X4 driving around Fraser Island.

I'm gonna start by saying a huge thank you to all the glorious people we met during our Fraser trip - shout out to the Fraser Fam you guys are awesome (you know who you are)!

Day 1 of the trip consisted of us being put into our car groups - we were so lucky to be put with fab people who loved a car singalong to questionable tunes just as much as us - BIG UP CAR 3! Within our group was 4 capable drivers, Max, Craig, Tamar and River - throughout the trip they alternated driving and I have to say all did great jobs and we were the only group not to get stuck... Bravo guys!

Anyways to simplify it the trip basically consisted of four big 4X4's cruising around the beautiful sand island stopping off at points of interest along the way. Each night we'd head back to our trusty campsite to cook up a feast and drink ourselves silly on goon.

Read on to find out a little more on my favourite stop off points...

Lake McKenzie
So this was one of the stop offs I was most excited about. Lake Mckenzie is probably the bluest water I have ever seen and is so pure it's unsuitable for many creature to inhabit. The bright white sand adorning the lake is 100% silica sand and can be used as a natural exfoliant, shampoo or tooth paste - most of the girls took advantage of this! We had great fun splashing about, taking pictures and soaking up the beauty.

Indian Head
Now I have to say I was a little disappointed by Indian Head - although there was no doubting the fact the views from the top are spectacular, most people we had spoken to that had been there were lucky enough to see tiger sharks and mantarays swimming below them. However we only saw a small snippet of one manta swimming past! We waited a while to see if any sharks were about but sadly not.

Champagne Pools
Again although utterly beautiful I was slightly disappointed, only because when we went the tide was still quite far in, making the sea very choppy so the pools weren't great for swimming in like they would be when the tide is out. The pools themselves are like natural swimming pools formed by rock and filled by the sea - very cool but not ideal for swimming in!

Lake Wobby
To get to lake wobby you have to ordeal an hour jungle hike, which in a way is great for working up a sweat before jumping into the cool water BUT isn't so fun if your guide doesn't warn you about it - dam you Bret! The lake is very green in colour and is situated below some huge sand dunes, which you are warned before NOT to run down into the lake as the water is very shallow. One of the funniest moments of the trip consisted of a guy who got the nickname 'Milky' (because he drunk an entire pint of soya milk during a game of ring of fire) running down the slope at full speed. Our friend Nia then proceeded to shout 'milky no' in a tone that can only be described as 'oh not again' as he plunged in... luckily he survived.

Eli Creek
A natural lazy river, Eli creek was less dramatic than I hoped. Excitably we all grabbed a rubber ring to sit in to tube down the Rapids, only it was more of a gentle float... Nonetheless it was a laugh and I did feel like balloo from jungle book!

All in all the trip was fantastic and was made even better by the people we spent it with. Also massive thanks to Brett our tour guide who dished out a lot of banter and put up with us all not really listening to him, singing down the walky-talkies and generally being annoying - you're a great guy even when you're grumpy!

Elly X

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