A little post to round up our ozzy adventure

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The 26 days we spent travelling Oz was the most hectic yet fun 26 days of my life. Granted some days I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry due to hangovers/exhaustion but with that said I wouldn't have changed it for the world. If you're looking for a good time, with good people in a beautiful environment then Ozzy land is for you!

In this post I wanted to take the time to share I few places we visited that managed to slip through the net and didn't make it to their own post - starting with Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay was a very welcome break along the east coast. Unlike other areas it had a very calm, laid back vibe. A beautiful beach, a sea safe to swim in and a great little cafe on the beach called Enzos. We only had one night at HB but loved having a bit of down time before heading to Airlee beach - highly recommend as a stop over to break up the trip.

Next up is Mission Beach which unless you're doing a sky dive DO NOT BOTHER! We stayed at Jackaroo hostel which was so far out of town, baking hot with no air-con and was crawling with bugs - all in all not a great experience! Apart from a very sweaty mooch about the dead and dire town and a sunbath by the pool there was not a lot to do. With that said its meant to be a great place to skydive as there is a beach landing so if that's your jam give it a go, but only for one night!

Lastly, Cairns. Not my favourite city since travelling but certainly not my worst. Cairns was defiantly an experience. We stayed at the notorious Gilligan's hostel (if you know you know). Upon booking Gilligan's myself and Craig thought 'ah this will be fun our last few nights in Oz, let's just live it up and have a big party' little did we know he entire east coast is one big party and the last thing we felt like doing was chucking more goon down our necks - especially as all the friends we had made a long the way weren't yet in Cairns! Being the boring Brenda's we are, we stayed in the first night and vouched to go out the second. Unfortunately for me I was woken up and kept awake by the randy pair above me on the top bunk, who then proceeded to carry on their 'private party' in the toilet WITH THE LIGHT ON opposite my bed. Not quite the chilled night in I had hoped for. The second night however was a laugh, me and Craig had a few beers and joined in for a few hours before sneaking off for late night pizza. Cairns city itself was a little lacklustre and dull and sadly we had run out of money to be able to do any of the waterfall tours or Great Barrier Reef dives so just mopped about until boarding our flight to beautiful Bali. It is without a doubt that one day I would love to revisit Oz and do all the bits we missed and redo all the places we fell in love with, but for now it's farewell and onto the next adventure...

Elly x

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