Isn't Sydney supposed to be sunny?

Friday, 28 April 2017

After a very early flight from Melbourne we arrived in Sydney rather bewildered and sleepy. After finding Craig's friend Tom's apartment (who we were lucky enough to be staying with) we said a quick hello, dumped our stuff and headed out to face the city. Only having 3 full days in Sydney meant there was no time to hang about feeling bewildered and sleepy.

Instantly being in Sydney felt a lot like London, the hustle and bustle, the tube system, the sprawling outskirts, the buildings and notorious landmarks, even some of the place names and roads sounded like home. Although in some way I liked the sense of being back home, in a familiar territory, for me Sydney was just too much like London, just without the London quirk and charm. For me Melbourne still stood on top. It wasn't helped by the fact we had terrible weather - making it EVEN more like home. With this said we definitely didn't not like Sydney. The opera house really is breathtaking in real life, and it felt quite surreal actually standing in front of it after seeing it so many times on the telly. The bridge was also spectacular, especially when it's lit up at nighttime. We spent our first sleepy day in Sydney simply wandering around the city, taking in all the famous landmarks, I especially liked the botanical gardens - a little more exotic than the ones back home. After grabbing some great middle eastern grub (yes Sydney is very multicultural like London) we took shelter from the rain before a final walk up to Mrs Macquaries Chair to get the best view of the bridge and opera house. There we actually witnessed a very OTT Ozzie wedding.

After a much needed snooze the following day we were up early for a trip to Sydney's notorious Blue Mountains - a must do trip if you ever visit the city. Although we didn't have the best day weather wise, the visibility wasn't too bad. We went with Loka and our tour guide, Jarod was extremely knowledgable. We stopped off at a little town before the blue mountains first to get water and snacks, and there was an amazing little organic green grocers that does the best peanut butter, banana smoothies! If you ever do the tour I urge you to get one. We then proceeded to the first hiking track/bush walk where we were able to see The Blue Mountains for the first time and they really are amazing, and in fact very blue! Throughout the day we visited many incredible waterfalls, Katoomba and Wentworth to name a few, along with stopping off to see The Three Sisters, which was probably my favourite part of the day. The only downside yet again was the crowds of other tourists, especially the few that decided they would do a full on vogue photoshoot at the top whilst blaring out Drake's greatest hits... I'll never forget you guys! Other than that I strongly recommend you do this trip when in Sydney, it was fascinating to see where the deadly Sydney funnel web spider lives (if not a little terrifying), see some incredible views, learn the story of the 3 sisters, and enjoy a very tasty lunch in a beautiful setting.

The third and final day we spent doing something I've always wanted to do, visiting Bondi beach! We were actually really lucky and our friend we met in Fiji, Koen, was in Sydney and came to meet us for the day, so it was super lovely to see him and catch up. We ended up doing the Bondi to Coogee walk, which was made a little tricky by the horrendously strong wind! However the views and setting along the way really did make up for it, as well as the coffee ice cream at the end. Bondi beach itself is really beautiful but not exactly what I expected - I think as the weather wasn't as good and the ocean was extremely rough it was a lot more deserted than I pictured in my head.

Our time in Sydney just didn't feel long enough. Although we had done all the main touristy things, it would have been nice to get across to some of the islands, like manly and spend a little longer chilling at Bondi, however with only 26 days in Oz in total we had to move on to our next destination... Beautiful Byron bay.

Elly X

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