A city with a beach! Melbourne I love you...

Friday, 28 April 2017

So firstly I have to apologise for this VERY delayed blogpost. My excuse is I have literally had no time up until now. We managed to cram the East Coast into 26 days, leaving zero days to chill! We then jumped straight into Bali - travelling round paradise island for a month with 7 friends (not the best environment for writing out a post). Any who, we are now we're in the wonderful city of Singapore and I have stumbled upon a cafe called Drury Lane that has fab iced coffee and even better wifi - hence my sudden rush of posts! Stay tuned for the 411 on all our Ozzy shenanigans and all the ins and outs of an unforgettable month in Indonesia.

Our first stop was my favourite Australian city, Melbourne. I was super excited about visiting Melbourne as we were staying with a very good childhood friend of mine, Tabee and her lovely fiancé, Sam. They have been living and working in Melbourne for a while now so we were so lucky to have them to show us about the city. We arrived fairly late, so didn't do too much the first night, apart from grab some yummy pad Thai and have a catch up.

Our first full day in Melbourne consisted of Tabee being an epic tour guide and showing us around the CBD, the Anzac war memorial, hoizer lane and beautiful St Kilda. Instantly we both fell in love with Melbourne, not only is it bursting with charm and character (like some cities are lacking) but it also has everything you could want/need all condensed into a simple grid like square, making it super simple to get about. Another added bonus to this amazing city is St Kilda, only a 15/20 minute tram ride from the CBD and you're in St Kilda, a quirky little slice of paradise. Teamed with vintage shops, hippy treasure troves, veggie and vegan cafes, coffee shops with doorstop sized cakes in the windows and a stunning beach which is even home to some incredibly cute penguins! (Which Tabee spent ages trying to find for me, bless her - in the end we managed to spot one... see pic below). What's not to love?! We really loved how you could have both the city and beach life on your doorstep, Melbourne really does have it all. Tabee and Sam, we are moving in soz.

The second day we were left to our own devices and took it upon ourselves to visit The Great Ocean Road. We went through the company 'Great Australia Tours' as although we would have liked to have driven ourselves we simply just didn't have the time. The tour company was really great though and we got to see a huge amount in just one day. I will say however it is a VERY long day so get a good sleep and pack plenty of snacks! A little drive out of Melbourne and you could literally be on a movie set. Tabee advised us to sit on the left hand side of the bus to get the best views of the ocean, and thank god she did! The views are breathtaking the ENTIRE journey. We stopped off somewhere first where we could see wild koalas and parrots. This was very cool as loads of people had bird feed so the parrots would land on you. The koalas were also very cool, if not a little sleepy, but very cute all the same. We then continued along The Great Ocean Road stopping off at tones of amazing view points. My three favourites being, London Bridge (where our tour guide had a very funny story about two people getting stuck on the rock that were trying to cover up a love affair but envitably got found out), Lockard George (a stunning hidden beach cove) and of course the 12 Aposels (they were breathtaking)! The only slight downside to the trip was just how crowded and busy it was - at the 12 Aposils you could hardly move from the fear of being decapitated by a selfie stick. Other than that it really is a spectacular trip, one you have to do if you ever visit Melbourne.

Our last full day in Melbourne was a Saturday so we spent the day chilling with Tabee and Sam. We wandered about the city some more, stopping off at the Casino, which is crazy big! Then they took us to San Churro - this amazing chocolate tapas cafe, which if you're a chocolate lover, is a must. I strongly recommend the mint choc shake and the sharing platter for two (this consisted of two different lots of melted chocolate, churros, strawberries and banana - heaven. We then ended up having a beer in Tabee and Sam's fav English pub, which was a lovely slice of home.

To finish up the trip and bid fair well to Melbourne Tabee took us to the Eureka Sky Deck to watch the sunset over the city - which was another unforgettable experience - Melbourne's skyline is one of the prettiest I've seen and it looked even better at dusk. We then went back to their apartment and completed the evening with some yummy toasties (thanks Sam).

As I'm writing this post having completed the entire east coast I can safely say that Melbourne was (along side Byron Bay) our favourite place in Oz and no doubt the number 1 city - we loved what the city had to offer and the general vibe but I do think having someone who knew the place show us about really helped. We left Melbourne with a very heavy heart in the early hours of the morning to venture up to Sydney. It is with no doubt in my mind though that we will be visiting Melbourne again soon!

Elly x

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