Fun facts in Fiji

Sunday, 29 January 2017

1. Never ask a Fijian the time. They will only reply with 'it's Fiji time'.
2. Fijian food is underrated! The islands may only provide basic grub but when you're on the main land try Kokoda and traditional Fijian curry.
3. When arriving on any of the islands be prepared to be greeted with big smiley faces singing and dancing. Then be prepared for more when you leave. Fijians love to sing and dance and get you involved.
4. The coconut water in Fiji is a lot sweeter and yummier than the stuff back home.
5. You don't cool down by having a swim in the sea, it's literally like walking into a hot bath!
6. Be careful of the tiny little nipper fish when snorkelling in Fiji, they come out of nowhere and really sting.
7. Try kava with the locals! It makes you giggly and sleepy but tastes a bit like muddy peppered water.
8. Fijians are the loveliest people you will EVER meet - I challenge you to find happier, more relaxed, kinder people!
9. If you go to Fiji be prepared to eat cake for breakfast.
10. Fiji is home to amazing sea life. Enjoy swimming with manta ray's and white tipped sharks (see next post)!

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