48 hours in Hong Kong

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

It's been ages now since I last posted - mainly due to VERY sketchy wifi on the islands in Fiji. I'm actually currently writing this post whilst laying in a hammock on Long Beach - not a bad life!

Anyway this post isn't to do with Fiji, this post is all about our 48 hours in Hong Kong! Arriving in Hong Kong was quite a shock to the system from coming from Japan. Instantly the weather felt a lot more humid and oppressive in comparison to the cold crisp sunny days we were used to. The city itself is like nothing I'd ever seen - gigantic skyscrapers along a cost line laying under a thick cloud of smog with palm trees dotted about - bizarre. I hate to be negative BUT I have to say Hong Kong just wasn't for me. I don't know whether we had been spoilt in Japan and just loved it so much it was hard to compare, but we just found Hong Kong to be very dirty and the people seemed very rude. Obviously it was hard as we were literally only there for two days and I know loads of people who only have good things to say but like I said, in comparison to Japan it wasn't great.

The first thing we knew we wanted to do was have sweet and sour prawns Hong Kong style in its original birth place! After a little bit of hunting we found a Chinese restaurants serving them so went inside. Although the food was okay, the staff had a full blown conversation/argument across our table, kept giving us very dirty looks and he noodles were burnt (cremated). After this odd experience we decided to head back to our hostel (Yessen) - which for the record was really lovely, clean bunks, free fresh cold water, decent wifi and close to must see spots. That evening we went to Victoria Harbour which was really pretty with the skyscrapers lights reflecting on the water - a good place to watch the world go by.

The next day (and the only full day we had in Hong Kong) we decided to hike up to the peak which was stunning and I highly recommend seeing if you ever visit. Not difficult at all to climb, it took us around 45 mins and the views at the top are breathtaking! We spent a long time at the top as there are quite a few restaurants and shops. We shared an ice-cream at top before heading to an Italian restaurant for pizza and salad (which was super yummy). That evening we didn't do a lot, as we were preparing for Fiji the next day, but just went to a local Thai restaurant for pad Thai which was really good!

Unfortunately I don't think we will be hurrying back to Hong Kong like we will Japan but it was interesting to see something different and the peak was well worth seeing.

Elly x

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