Mt Fuji at Lake Kawaguchi

Thursday, 15 December 2016

On Friday myself and Craig took it upon ourselves to explore the spectacular Mt Fuji. Since planning our trip to Japan, Mt Fuji has always been high up on my list of must sees. Originally we looked into booking a guided tour for around £120 each (including things to do like the cable car ride, the mountain view onsens resorts and lunch) - however £120 was a little out of our price range. Wanting to be careful with money we looked into other options and luckily a friend recommended an amazing bus service to use called Willer Express. The website was extremely simple and tourist friendly and we were able to book up two return journeys for £50! Although the bus literally just dropped you off by the lake (no tours included) we found that was all you really needed, as we really just wanted to 'see' Mt Fuji, take some pictures and walk about soaking up the scenery.

The bus took 2 hours from Tokyo station and was super efficient, dropping us right by Lake Kawaguchi (one of the best view points to see the mountain). When I first spotted Fuji it was whilst we were still riding in on the bus, and I was really taken a back by just how big and grand it was. Although a little cloudy at the summit, the view was still breathtaking. We decided to walk the entire circumfrance of the lake in order to get all the best views of the mountain, which took us around 6 hours (with many stops for pictures along the way!). It's important to mention that it's worth visiting Lake Kawaguchi for more than just Mt Fuji - the scenery surrounding the lake is so beautiful and almost Scandinavian in appearance, with huge bushy pine trees and little picturesque houses perched within the hills.

We stopped off at a lovely cafe half way round called Wachi Field. Here we enjoyed yummy smoked salmon and salad wraps and hot coffee in the prettiest little teacups. By 4:30/5pm the sun had started to set, this is when we got the best views of Mt Fuji! With the sun falling behind the mountain, it was beautifully lit and we were able to see the mountain in a lot clearer detail - simply stunning- unmissable if you are ever visiting Tokyo.

Elly x

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