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Sunday, 4 December 2016

So yesterday myself and Craig decided to check out a local vegetarian and vegan cafe in Osaka. Only a 30 minute walk from our apartment (we wished we had found it a lot sooner) - from my earlier posts you might be able to tell that we were finding it a little tough finding veggie friendly food in Japan, so we were rather excited! Green Earth was one of the first vegetarian restaurants to open in Osaka and they pride themselves on healthy, nutritious, homemade food that does wonders for your body and state of mind (hippy trippy I know). The food doesn't contain any MSG and any food that contains lactose can be altered to soy for vegans.

We have come to notice that a lot of the cafes and restaurants in Japan are quite small inside, however Green Earth was a lot more roomy than we expected. The interior was calming and relaxing, and the guy who served us was lovely - he spoke amazing English and it was interesting hearing his story about drinking beer in a Scottish pub!

As for the food... YUM! I ordered a banana shake and a soy burger with salad - which was so good! If you enjoy substitute meat, I highly recommend the burger. The bun was also really tasty and you could tell it was home made. Even the salad was interesting with a honey, mustard style dressing and gherkins (which I may have slipped into my burger). The banana shake was really bananary (if that's a word) and was clearly made with real mashed up bananas instead of a sugary flavoured powder. Craig went for the lunch set of the day, which consisted of a small yet hearty vegetable soup, a tomatoey soy meat stew with lots of beans and pulses, a fresh pasta salad plus a little ball of sticky brown rice topped with a selection of seeds. We then ordered a slice of hot pumpkin pie to share for dessert, which was so sweet and gooey - I never wanted it to end!

All in all a great experience and I highly recommend this place if you are travelling to Japan as a vegetarian or vegan and are worried about their meat loving culture, or even if you're not vegetarian and just fancy a healthy yet hearty meal. I will leave the link below to their website...

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