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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A few people now have asked me the question "What camera have you taken travelling with you?". I thought it would be good to answer the question via this post!

When I first started planning my trip I knew I wanted to have a fairly decent camera with me in order to capture all the amazing things I was gonna see and experience. As someone who has always loved and practiced photography I already had a little knowledge on what features and qualities I wanted in a camera. As we would be backpacking I know I didn't want to take a large, expensive camera like my Nikon DSLR - although the images would have been fab, especially with a selection of lenses, I wouldn't feel safe and relaxed carrying around that kind of equipment. Plus DSLR's can be quite heavy and bulky! With this said I still wanted all the same features of DSLR - a pop up flash, manual settings, the ability to change lenses, good zoom etc... This led me to looking at compact system cameras. In simple terms, compact system cameras have all the good basic features of a DSLR camera but are far more compact and less bulky. For those of you wanting to read a bit more into what a CSC is here is a really useful link:


Now I admit they are slightly more pricey than a standard digital camera, but I kinda felt like 'hey I'm only ever gonna have these experiences once in my life, I want to have loads of great pictures and memories to show my future kids'! Plus I know how frustrated I would be if I was standing looking at something incredible and only be able to take a crappy blurry image (the OCD in me I'm afraid). After looking at dozens of cameras we finally went for The Sony A5000. We were very lucky and managed to purchase it in a sale on Amazon for £279 (It's currently still on sale for £299 down from £395!).

A number of different things drew us to this particular make and model...
1. The wireless feature - this was a huge one for us. Being away we wanted a quick and simple way to get our pictures transferred onto our phones or iPad. The fact the camera has a wireless setting to send the pictures over makes the whole process simple and stress free.
2. The pop up selfie screen - a bit of fun but also really handy. I think you'd be lying if you said you wouldn't be interested in taking the odd selfie and the flip screen on the camera makes it super easy to do so.
3. The price! Compared to other CSC cameras the price was really attractive for the product. Whilst Sony is a well known trusted brand, the camera also had great reviews and all the settings and features we were looking for.

Since using the camera for over a month now, I only have great things to say about it. The manual settings are easy to work your way around if you're interested in photography and want to set your own aperture and shutter speed - but the camera also comes with loads of great auto settings from hand held night mode (great for non blurry night shots when you haven't got a tripod) to intelligent auto (great for any quick snap)! The battery life is really good (we have only charged it up twice and have practically used it every day). Plus the design is sleek, smart and lightweight!

I will however say that its not essential to have an amazing camera to take great travel pictures (I've gotten some fab ones on my iPhone 5). Plus we have also taken a GoPro Hero 4, mainly for film footage, but surprisingly it also takes a decent image! The GoPro will no doubt be more useful in Australasia and South East Asia where we will be spending a lot of time on beaches, in the sea and generally doing more activities where we won't want to take the CSC!

Anyway, I hope this post has helped! If you have any recommendations of travel photography tips (including useful apps) please let me know!

Elly x

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