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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Those who know me well are aware of my interest in eco-friendly living and, in particular sustainable fashion. Shopping ethically is very important to me especially when it comes to fashion - I feel like the fashion industry can be completely shallow and heartless at times and therefore (as a fashion graduate) I believe I have some sort of duty to preach the importance of sustainability. Whether it be recycling old clothes by taking them to a charity shop, shopping in charity shops, up-cycling old items of clothing, taking the time to look into a brands ethos and ethics or simply just really looking after the clothes you already have - it doesn't have to be boring, stuffy and hard!

When it came to planning mine and Craig's big adventure I became very aware of the carbon footprint we would be running up whilst jetting around everywhere and started doing a bit of research in green/eco-friendly travel. Suitcase Magazine (my go to handbook for travel) posted a great article with tips on how to stay sustainable when travelling - check it out...

Below are a few of my own little tips:

  • Minimise water waste by washing dirty underwear, socks and the odd t-shirt in your bathroom sink. I have found in Japan you can buy little sachets of fabric detergent that are great to pop in your bag and transport around with you. Not only do you save water by not doing a big wash but it's a lot easier and quicker if you're travelling around a lot. 
  • Live like a local! Not only is this great for your experience but it also means you will be giving something back to the place you're travelling in. Shopping in local shops, eating in family run restaurants (including trying to avoid places like Starbucks - although I'm a sucker for a pumpkin spice) 
  • Walk places instead of getting a taxi. I know this sounds daft, but if a journey is a 15 minute drive you can probably walk it in an hour. So if you're an easy going traveler with no rush to get somewhere, plan to walk to your destination instead - other benefits include: better for your health and fitness and you get to see the sights! 

Another tip would be try using home stays instead of a hotel. Now don't get me wrong staying in a hotel is fab, and I can be a sucker for a really luxurious hotel but by staying in a home stay (we have been using air bnb) you are forced to live more like a local and less like a tourist. Plus there're lots of great sustainable home stay options, just like the one we are currently staying in at the moment in Otsu, Japan. Here is a link to their blog about the making and running of their eco house...

Currently here in Otsu it's easy to live sustainably ^^^ see link above, plus being away from a big city like Tokyo has made us live more basically. Come December we will be back in Tokyo, living in Harajuku where fast living and bright lights will no doubt make it harder to play by the rules. I plan on looking into sustainable restaurants and fashion boutiques when back in to Tokyo and will hopefully be able to create another blog post with some recommendations!

Elly x

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