Golden temple, the most beautiful tree in the world and too much pork

Friday, 25 November 2016

On Monday myself and Craig took our second and final trip to Kyoto. For some reason it felt a lot quieter than when we visited before - thank god. We started by walking from Kyoto station to the Imperial Palace gardens, which is where the Emporer used to live when Kyoto was once the capital. Unfortunately we were unable to actually go and see the imperial palace as its actually closed on Monday's - however it was still worth the trip just to see the beautiful gardens with its thousands of trees, amongst them was this beauty...

We then headed to the Kinkakuji golden zen temple, which was 400 yen to see and well worth it. Although it was busy - with everyone crowding to get a selfie with the temple - it was stunning to see. Situated on a little island within a small lake, it appears to almost float, with its golden reflection mirrored in the water and orange, yellow, green and brown Autumn trees surrounding it, it really is picture perfect.

It didn't take long to walk round and see the temple and we shortly headed off to Kyoto's famous Nishiki Market. I think this was my favourite place to see when visiting Kyoto, the atmosphere was great - busy but not heaving - plus Christmas decorations were everywhere (and we all know how much I adore Christmas). After wandering around loads of cute boutiques, and wishing I had loads of money to burn we ended up having a coffee and cookie before heading back to the station.

Now the title of this post mentions the last thing I'm going to talk about... PORK. On the way back to the station we found an amazing Katsu Curry restaurant, and since it's my favourite thing to order in Wagamumas (Japanese restaurant back home) I had to try it out. Me and Craig both ordered a fish Katsu with rice - yum. However when it turned up we noticed the sauce had pork in it, I could of cried. Just a warning to any other pesctsrians or vegetarians: if you go to Japan please be aware of their huge love for pork and learn how to say 'I'm a vegetarian'! Luckily we noticed the pork before tucking in!

All in all, I have throughly enjoyed Kyoto - at times a bit overcrowded and bombarded with tourists but so pretty, now off to Osaka!

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