First glimpse of Lake Biwa

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Myself and Craig are currently staying in an amazing little eco house in Otsu, situated right next to the amazing Lake Biwa. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will know by now just how pretty it is - and why it's hard to resist taking so many pictures!

When I think of Japan, I instantly think of bright city lights, crazy anime and sushi, or contrary to this, temples and shrines, geisha girls and pretty pink blossom. However when we first arrived at Lake Biwa, none of these stereotypes stood before me. Lake Biwa is the biggest fresh water lake in Japan and is surrounded with sandy beach, luscious palm trees and breathtaking mountains adorned with multicoloured autumnal trees. It was like I had arrived on a tropical island somewhere!

Although a lot more rural and out of the action (so to speak) it's really lovely to have a break from the city and to be a little more 'at one with nature' - please excuse the cringe travelling lingo. The Air BnB itself is fab and the owners are extremely kind giving us free range eggs every morning from their chickens (a little conciliation for the noisy cockerel at 5am)! Plus their house and way of living is sustainable and eco friendly, which I love, and shall be doing a more in depth post on soon, but for now enjoy some glorious images from Lake Biwa...

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