Bye bye England, hello jet lag!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

So a bit delayed I know, but it's been crazy here settling into a Japanese way of life. I'm gonna start from when we left Heathrow Airport, which I have to say was pretty emotional. I for one hate goodbyes and having to say goodbye to our parents was heart wrenching (if you're going travelling I reccommend a large pack of tissues and dark glasses). Once we were through the gates the excitement and realisation of what we were about to do hit...

After spending he usual amount of time trapesing around duty free we made our way to the gate and boarded our plane (after an ever so traditional Heathrow delay). I should mention that our flight was split into two and we had a short stop into Doha before embarking on the second flight to Tokyo. We flew with Qatar Airlines, and had some of the best plane food EVER! On the first flight we were extremely lucky and ended up sitting next to a lovely girl, Emily from Wales, who was on her way to Thailand. We had tones of leg room and the flight went surprisingly quick. When landing in Doha we had a little explore of the airport, which was huge - and a little odd (see picture below).

Our second flight to Tokyo we weren't as lucky. The plane was a lot more cramped and we were sat next to a rather eccentric Japanese man who didn't like us getting up and stretching our legs (we had to climb over him every time we needed a wee), at one point he got up mid flight and started squatting. It's fair to say my first impression of the Japanese wasn't great!


After 4 films and 2 naps we had arrived in Tokyo. Instantly everything was so officiant - from boarder control to baggage reclaim (the smile on my face when I saw our rucksacks coming round on that convayer belt was huge). The city was instantly breath taking and we easily found our hotel (thanks to Craig's awesome directing skills).

Our first week has been spent in APA Hotel in Ningyocho, Tokyo and I would 100% recommend it! Clean, tidy, loads of free essentials, bath, shower, big beds, TV, tea and coffee making fasilities and only a short walk to Tokyo station. The first night we both slept like babies, however this wasn't the case for me every night... Two words JET LAG.

People always talk about jet lag but you never really think that much into it, but my god did I get it bad this first week. My one piece of advice would be stick to your travel destinations time zone, if it's morning for them, it's morning for you! Don't do what I did and wake up half way through the day only to then lay wide awake for entire duration of the next night - it was so depressing - especially when I was starving hungry around 4am (7pm English time). Another bit of advice would be, buy a book - reading really helped me to feel sleepy a couple of the nights!

Anyway I'm going to wrap it up now, will post about our amazing first week V soon!

Elly x

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