Bright lights of Osaka

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Konnichiwa Osaka! We have currently been in Osaka now for 6 days, which has flown by. Since being in Osaka we have been super busy, hence why I haven't been able to post in a few days. I wanted to take some time to share a few of the things I have been up to so far in Osaka...

Our first night in Osaka consisted of us strolling from our Air BnB (which by the way is lovely, very spacious and modern, with A BATH!) into the centre of Osaka, Dōtonbori. It took us around 45 mins from the listing and was a very straightforward walk. Dōtonbori is quite something - a neon lit jungle! Bright flashing lights, amazing smells of takoyaki and waffles floating in the air, streets bursting with Japanese style and atmosphere, it really is a must see! You really don't have to do a lot in Dōtonburi, you can literally just wander around and take in what's around you - we did. Craig grabbed an almond waffle (which I tried and can confirm was very yummy) but appart from that we literally just had a wander in and out of the shops!

Another must see was Osaka Castle. Although not half as pretty as a British castle (in my opinion) Osaka Castle and its surrounding grounds was still really beautiful. Initially the first sight of the castle is really breathtaking, after taking some pics we then paid 600 yen each to go inside, which I must say was a huge disappointment! Completely modern and renovated into a museum, you could literally be anywhere! It was extremely crowded inside which made is hard to view the artefacts, plus I felt all the different levels of the 'castle museum' to be quite samy. The only great thing about going inside was the viewing platform at the top, and I must say it was worth going inside just for this! You get some amazing panoramic views over Osaka. I must also add that the castle grounds has some yummy food stalls too, we grabbed some takoyaki (again!) and a matcha vanilla ice-cream!

Elly x

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