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Thursday, 29 September 2016

So baring in mind today it is exactly 1 month until I am off on my travels I thought it would be fitting to write a post sharing a few of my packing essentials so far...

Now I would openly call myself an inexperienced traveller, as so far in my life I have only ventured to far away lands on 'breaks' or 'holidays' or as some may say 'vacation'. However this is all about to change as this time next month, myself and Craig will be thousands of feet in the air flying to Japan, where we will then continue to travel around various parts of the world for as long as possible (hopefully around 9-10 months). Travelling has always been apart of my plan and not because I want/need to 'find myself' but because I believe there is so much to see and do in this world. Different cultures to learn about, an array of extraordinary food to be tasted, breathtaking landscapes to be admired and vibrant cities to get wrapped up in. I will only be 22 once and will only get an opportunity to splurge a load of my savings at something like this now (before all the serious stuff happens)!

As I previously mentioned, I am NO expert, but in this post I will be sharing a few of my packing essentials I have accumulated so far and I will start with probably the most important thing... my rucksack.

 I was given two pieces of valuable advice before buying my rucksack: 
1. Do not buy one thats too big as when its full up you won't be able to carry it 
2. Do not skimp on quality (you get what you pay for) 
And its fair to say I listened, however it wasn't easy with the first point. As a dedicated follower of fashion and someone obsessed with certain hair and beauty rituals it was rather concerning purchasing such a small rucksack for such a long time. Having said this I went with one of The North Face's larger bags, the women's Terra 55 litre in dark grey and lavender. Our knowledgable travel agent advised me to go no bigger than 60 litres, so I stuck way within my limit and with it being specifically for women the rucksack is a great shape and fits comfortably around my body. I went with The North Face as its a well known trusty brand (refer to point 2) and I have to say so far I'm impressed. The bag itself is easy on the eye and has many hidden compartments and added extras which are exciting to discover. The main compartment of the bag can be reached from the top and from the side making hunting for bits and bobs a lot easier. The bottom section can be completely cut off from the rest of the bag, making it great for storing dirty clothes! I will obviously not be able to give the Terra 55 a full review until I am away using it, but so far I am very happy with my choice.

My next travelling must is my most expensive but was recommended by all my travelling pals... 
Above is a little picture of my beloved GoPro along with some of the accessories I bought to go with it. I went with the Hero Silver 4. I felt like this make was perfect for my trip as it has a good range in water, wireless connectivity, a touch screen and the ability to view your footage on the device. Although it was pricy I have been told its an investment I will be very glad of when away. With it I purchased an accessories kit from amazon for around £20. This included tones of goodies, such as a head strap, wrist strap (with yellow float), chest strap, selfie stick and dashboard mount (all in picture above). Me and Craig tested out a few bits whilst away in Cornwall and it was amazing watching our footage back, the sound and image quality for such a tiny device is truly astounding! 

Now for something V important, my shoes. Now as we are planning on travelling to many different countries with many different climates I needed to be wise when picking what shoes to take. So far I have decided on a pair of New Balance trainers (curtesy of my big sis and best friend Alannah) and some Gandys flip-flops (curtesy of Craig). For me the New Balances were a fashionable yet practical choice of trainer for every day wandering around, I love the pale grey a neon yellow colour combo and they are extremely light for packing in my bag. The Gandys had been on my wishlist for forever, as I have been closely following their Orphans for Orphans program; a charity where founders Rob and Paul help underprivileged children by supplying them with education, medicine and nutrition all through the sales of their amazingly fun and quirky flip-flops.  I fell in love with these blue and white paisley ones from their collaboration with Liberty London.  

Next on my list was toiletry essentials. Now I've been warned to not over pack when it comes to toiletries and to be quite honest I think I could send Craig spinning if I end up cramming my bag full of lotions and potions so I have been strict with myself and only bought the basics. 

This cute little box of 'jet set must haves' is from Anatomicals on Asos. It includes a body wash, 2in1 shampoo and conditioner, a body lotion, hand sanitiser, moisturising balm and a cherry lip balm. At £7.50 it was a steal and I loved all the funny little sayings on the front of each bottle and tube. Each product smells incredible, plus they are all dinky in size so perfect for squeezing in my bag.

Last but not least is another big recommendation, an eye mask. My lovely friend and fellow traveller, Beth bought me a wonderful eye mask from Victoria Secret, its silky soft and has pineapples printed all over it (see below)! I have been told that eye masks are incredibly handy when travelling as you can block out light on planes, in hostels and are generally just great at helping you get off to sleep in, maybe not the most relaxing situations. 

Well thats it for my essentials so far, do not be fooled though, I shall be packing a lot more (sorry Craig). I will leave the links below to some of the websites where these items can be purchased, please do check out Gandys Orphans for Orphans program, they really do some amazing things. 

elly x 

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