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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Starting a new blog is incredibly hard. For ages now I have been jotting down thoughts and ideas that come into my head with the intention of writing them up later in a blog. When I was younger I had an obsession with 90s fashion (some of you may recall), I even based my entire final major project, whilst at college, around the plastic fantastic era and created a blog called 'A Neon Nightmare' (you can check it out in the link below). That was back in 2013. Three years on and a university degree later and I am eager and ready to get back to the keyboard and start my own personal blog.

It just so happens that I have reached an exciting and pinnacle point in my life so writing a blog has never felt so ept. As I briefly mentioned, I have recently gained a 2:1 university degree in Fashion Styling and Photography from LCF, something I am actually very proud of! However with that over and done with I have gained a lot more time to myself, giving me no excuse not to blog. As well as the degree myself and my lovely boyfriend Craig have been planning a 9 month travelling adventure, which I would be stupid not to document, and a blog seems like the perfect outlet.

So please feel free to follow me on my journeys and have a look at what I'm getting up to.

elly x

A Neon Nightmare

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